We Are Podcast – 2020

Thanks for checking out my workshop at We Are Podcast. As promised here are some goodies for you.

On this page you can find:

  • The slides from the presentation.
  • A video of the slides with a voice over (by yours truly).
  • The Infiniute Upcycle idea pre-vetting spreadsheet.
  • IUC process documents
  • Outreach tracking spreadsheet
  • Link to IUC score calculator
  • A list of resouces – with links – of tools to automate the process
  • A video of a speed run of the entire IUC process using the spreadsheets and tools
  • A picture of a Llama (Because llamas, rock).
Ray Blakney

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IUC Process Worksheet
Pre-vetting Spreadsheet
Social Media Guidelines


And A Llama Photo

… just because llamas are funny.

Llama's are funny