The History Behind

The Infinite Upcycle Agency


tardate, March, 2015. JC Spears and Ray Blakney meet for the first time at a conference in Austin, Texas.

From that meeting a friendship formed that last 3 year until they an opportunity arose for them to co-lead the IUC fleet in their valiant rebellion against the Googlean Empire, Instragraman Collective, Facebookean Hive, Twitterian Horde, Linkinean Pirates and last but not least the Pinterestian Trade Federation. Collectively known as the G.I.T.F.Li.P menace.

Their continuing mission is to explore innovative methods of content creation, to seek out new ways to improve your social media and SEO, and to help your business boldly grow to heights it has not grown before.

The Right Crew In The Right Jobs

Meet the crew.

Lisa DeCampos
Lisa DeCamposPartner
Lisa has years of running operations in environments from medical clinics to nurseries. She makes sure all the IUC staff stay on track and don’t get lost in space.
JC Spears
JC SpearsCo-founder & Fleet Admiral
JC Spears fought his way to fleet admiral at the Infinite Upcycle by valiantly fighting in marketing battles on the worlds of HVAC, RV’s and Cannibus prime.
Rocio Leal
Rocio LealGraphic Designer & Com Officer
Rocio makes sure that the communications (graphic creatives) of the IUC stays consistent with the brand and voice of the clients and their businesses.
Erol Maksud
Erol MaksudEmail Outreach Specialist & Weapons Officer
Erol is a data mining guru who makes sure all the IUC clients are armed with the right data to do outreach to build networks and grow their brand both online and in person.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and a Bit Geeky? Join Us!

The crew of the I.U.C. are always looking for new team members to join our mission. We are a fully virtual company – which means you can work from anywhere – with great perks (birthdays off) and a fun culture looking to help our clients win the valiant fight against the G.I.T.F.Li.P menace.

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Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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